Of Mortar, Bricks & Lipsticks



Okay. First entry.

After months of procrastination and self-convincing that I need a blog, viola ! Here I am guys! Let’s hope that I am able to manage this blog with Istiqomah & keep the entry flowing in on real estate stuffs, site visits and activities, lifestyle, places and maybe just maybe, videos of me.


Hello, Hi.

My name is Ainal Maryam. Fondly known as Kanal amongst real estate people. I like scented candles, traveling, make up, shopping (all that girly things), and I can do outdoor activities too  (retired gym junkie).

I am a quarter century of age (as of this post), a Real Estate graduate (valuation major) from University of Reading (the OG of Reading, go Royals ! ) and currently serving in the Real Estate industry in Malaysia. Real Estate has always been my passion, credits to mama. She used to make me accompany her for viewings, site visits, attend discussions with developers/bankers/lawyers, etc. & I had no choice but to tag along cause I’m stuck in her belly.

What to expect from this blog ?

Definitely, nothing too serious or/& heavy readings on the Malaysian real estate scene, entries on Kanal at work, some random thoughts & rants, sponsored entries/reviews, probably some travel photos and throwback photos.

Oh yes, before I forget. My entries will be in both English & BM.


Okaylah, till then