The Post That Got Me Started

September 2016 Changed My Life.

My alter ego, Kanal was introduced.

It was just like the other nights. Dark & Silent. I remembered tumbling and swimming through my fluffy pillows, unable to sleep. It was due to the body & soul torturing session at the gym.

My muscles were aching but my mind was overflowing with ideas and flashbacks. I began to share my experience on being a child to a pair of seasoned Real Estate player. How my parents mould me and kickstart my passion in this industry.

At 3 am, I dropped tips, do’s and don’t in a TELEGRAM Group (Jaegers Zaibatsu) which members a group of like-mind property investors. A member in that group, (my now go to abang) gathered & forwarded those tips and then sent me a Private Message to encourage me to post it up on my Facebook Account. Being the supportive Abang, he also convinced that the tips are worthy to be featured in some of the local established lifestyle Websites.

The Following Day…

Edit. Click. Published.

And the rest is history….

The following post is the actual that got me started. Hope that you find the article beneficial. Till then..