Another Property Event : Own Landed Property at the Price of Service Residence in Shah Alam

1st December 2017, Friday, marks the date where all muslim around the world celebrate the birthdate of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Us being typical Malaysian looks forward to the long weekend by taking this opportunity to get out from the city or just balik Kampung.

This weekend is just like the other weekend- at work, for a property event. This time for the Q&A Session with the CEO and Director of Homefield Real Estate at
Encorp Cahaya Alam Sales Gallery.

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The event was an ‘intimate’ event with limited, specially for those registered through my Google Form via my Facebook. Alhamdulillah received overwhelming response on the product enquiry and also people from Bangi registered to come and meet the 
Dynamic Duo / Property Soulmate Match Made from Heaven
Hj Zam & Puan Munirah (CEO & Director of Homefield).


During the event, the Couple shared their property strategies, past experience and took Questions & Answers from the floor.


I, as the event manager / organiser had the privilege to meet new people and learn from their experience. For instance, A brief conversation with Mrs Farah Wahida (She is a Master Coordinator for Shakelee Malaysia) has taught me few moral values:-

1. She took the pleasure to take care of her bed ridden Mother in Law alongside her husband, despite having to considerate her financial status during that time.
As a result, her business shot tremendously ! She believed it’s the Baraqah and Rezqi from Allah for taking care of a Mother and also the bless from prayers made by her family. Moral : Do good to others, there is no such thing as a waste when you are taking care of your parents. Allah will bless you with his Rahmah and Rezqi when you do good and help others.

2. I have learn that she has once became ‘viral’ back in 2013 for being accused of ‘stealing’ charity money during the tragic flood that hit The East Coast.
Moral: Things that you read on the social media is not 100% true, do your due diligence before you hit the ‘share’ button are you are spreading Fitnah.


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Kak Farah is also taking the leap to get herself involved in the property investment. Hence she took the opportunity to purchase the PEMBURU HARTANAH from me. Good luck on your future endeavours Kak !

So anyway, these are the brief product information on the Landed Property in Shah Alam at the Price of Service Residence

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Developer : Encorp
Type : Double Storey Terrace
Location : Cahaya Alam
Size : 22 x 75 (2,403 sf)
Phase : 2nd Phase
Price : Starts From RM 716k nett 

For more information, please click here to whatsapp.

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