Property Newbies, You NEED This book

Because, I am featured in it 😉

Abe Nazz, the author is no stranger in the property industry. In his latest book Pemburu Hartanah  (an updated version of Kitabul Daimyo), he shares strategies, tips, and also his experiences acquiring 14 (as of this date) properties .

Who is Abe Nazz?
He is a social influencer in the Property Industries with 20k friends and followers combined in FB.  Abe is also the founder of  Jaeger Zaibatsu (JZ), an elite group which members Bumiputra Property Investors. He has led numerous group purchase which enables the members in the group to enjoy special discounts. Abe Nazz is no ordinary person, prior his resignation to concentrate on UT &  JZ his past positions include: Sale Manager & Asia Pacific Regional Operational Manager for Roxar (a Norwegian O&G company). Click here to follow him on Facebook, he regularly shares property related postings on Facebook.

Back to this book.
Pemburu Hartanah teaches you on the essential knowledge for you to understand before owning a property, under construction properties to be exact. This book is in Bahasa Malaysia, simple enough even for people who understand basic Bahasa. The contents are interesting, including :

Keindahan Pelabur Hartanah
Mazhab Pelabur Hartanah
Cara Main Hartanah Subsale Untuk Miliki Kereta Percuma
Kenali Jenis Hartanah
Apa itu PSF
Non-HDA for Dummies (contributed by yours truly)
Pengalaman Membeli RUMAWIP by FP
Teknik Pairing ASB dan RUMAWIP
Fahami Diskaun & Rebate Undercons by Ed
Progressive Payments Semasa Pembinaan

Besides me, this book also features few other contributors who has their own followers such as Ed Aswandi and Firdaus Pay .  Check out the sneak peak from this book and get your copy now !!!

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