Monday Blues Cancelled on Me. Home Office update & QT time with Loved Ones

Monday Blues cancelled on me

Another long weekend for those who are working in Selangor in conjunction with the Birthday of Sultan Selangor. Hooray.

 Spent the morning with the parents + Muaz. We went out for breakfast and I urged Mama to get herself new pair(s) of her favourite sandal from MBT at The Curve. She faced difficulties in finding MBT stores in Malaysia, the previous store in Tropicana Mall has been closed and the one in Mitsui has limited designs. Her previous MBT’s are from all around the world (literally ie Dubai, Sydney etc.) so I just had to layan her to get her sandal from the pop up store at The Curve.

The remaining of the day was spent doing productive stuffs ie: planning out the week and listening to lectures on YouTube (by Mufti Menk).

Loved how lovely my working desk is looking right now, featuring floral arrangements sent over by M while he was away. And now my tummy is feeling hungry, can’t decide in between to chow down a cheese burger or settle down on a humble Mee Ruski.